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Nature (Journal) | Book Review for Randy Olsen's: "Don't Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style"

Now I’d like to read this book!

Randy Olsen preaches the importance for scientists to be able to create bridges of communication to the public. Because many who are not constantly exposed to scientific jargon may be lost in a sea of it. How do they expect their ideas to grow?

On another note, I see this in my peers and science professors from time-to-time. For a moment, you get an opportunity to talk to a really knowledgeable prof/peer. The next, you’re furrowing your brows at s/he stumbling on how to explain an interesting theory or a story of how scientific research was inspired by ice cream. (I said, what now?)

Anyhow, read the brief book review. It hits home for someone like me, who would like to be able to communicate clearly - in general.